Mannings - 1911 Mannings - 1911 Katy and Fletcher Manning Home Under Construction 1934 Katy and Fletcher Manning Home under Construction 1934 48808674 Manning Home 1937 - Charles Aaron Dunn next to car 48819037 A White Christmas at the Manning Family Home 1970s 48815835 Manning Dunn Family Reunion 1948 48810020 Helen Price Manning, Emma Frances Sawyer Stowe Morris, Grandma Jenny, James Henry Manning, Ponzer Home 1908 48817070 Front Deering Manning, Bryan Morris, Sylvia Harris, Arden Williams Back Velma Smithwick, Alice Clayton, Floyd Manning, Dorothy Davis, Annie Mae Gibbs 1947 In front of Ponzer Store and Post office. McCoy Ainsleys house in background Sunday Afternoon Swimming 1947 48913409 Judi Raburn and cat Spot in front of McCoy Ainsleys house. Fletcher Manning house in Background with Ponzer Store and Post Office in left corner. 117124960 Mannings, Claude, Alice, Margaret - 1930's Claude - Alice - Margaret Manning 48808673 High School Teacher Ms Ruth Midyette Ms Ruth Midyette 48808675 Wedding Katy Dunn and Fletcher Manning 1911 Katy and Fletcher Manning 1911 48808676 Kyde Dunn - Freddy Dunn - 1950's 48808677 Fred Voliva1920's Fred Voliva 48808678 Doc and Adaline Clayton Coming Home from Church with a Truckload of Passengers - 1938 Doc and Adaline Clayton with a truckload of passengers - 1938 48808679 Aunt Kathryn Manning Stewart Burbage - 1940's Kathryn Manning, Stewart Burbage 48808780 Adaline S Crary, Raised Grandma Jenny - 1890's Raised Grandma Jenny (Alice Virginia Morris Manning) 48810019 Nan Morris Gibbs, Sister to Grandma Jenny - 1890's 48810021 Carol Squires Manning and Deering Manning - 1930's 48815832 Deering Manning and Bryan Morris 1948-9 48815833 Claude Manning in front of City Garage 1920's 48815834 Edward Manning - Killed in France WW II - 1943 48817066 Belhaven Courthouse before paved streets - 1940's 48815836 Effie Manning 48817067 Football - Deering and Kathryn Manning - 1946 48817068 Edward Manning and Mary Catherine (wife) - 1943 48817069 On The Porch, Deering, Grandaddy Fletcher, Eileen Stewart, Grandma Katy - 1940's 48818162 Independant Order of Odd Fellows 48818163 Percy and Katy Manning - 1960's 48819296 Ponzer - Where Time Stands Still 48819297 Romulous Sanderson and Lettie Belle Ainsley 1940's 48819298 Verbal Bishop, Aunt Price, Helen 1920's 48819814 Roper Lumber Company Shop - Fletcher Manning in Center - 1920's 48819791 William Cleveland Taylor and Iola Mae "Pugger" Dunn Taylor 1890's 48819815 Katy and Fletcher Manning - 1971 48913408 Floyd, Deery, Catherine and Edward Manning in back of old Manning House (burned 1940's) - 1932 80239945 Lyndon Manning and Alice Respass Manning GreatUncle Lyndon was Grandaddy Fletchers Uncle. 112159355 Audy Stowes house with Audy and Emma Stowe Around 1920 115084161 James Hillary manning with Fletcher, Claude, Price, Grandma Jenny, and Fatey (on lap) 1890 115084984 Audy Stowe 1920 and 1939 115084553 Mannings, Deering, Kathryn, Jimmy, Grandma Katy, Austin, and Floyd 1980 115085395 Claudius Franklin "Claude" Manning Brother to James Fletcher Manning 115230480 Claude Manning and wife Sally Myra Hughes Hargett 115230635 Sheri Williams Manning and Stephen Manning 1991 115231048 Fletcher Austin Manning and Mary Carol Squires Manning 70th Anniversary 115425478 Theodore Deering Manning and Sarah Ann Jonson Wedding 1953 115436403 Fletcher Austin Manning, Jr. 115436422 James Fletcher Manning, Kathryn Elizabeth Dunn Manning, Fletcher Austin Manning, Edward Dunn Manning 1918 115436855 James Hillary Manning, Fletcher Austin Manning 1918 115437985 Mannings around 1918 115438089 Theodore Deering Manning around 1937 115440089 Mt Olive Christian Church Before paved streets and brick walls 115081926 Mt Olive Church Dinner on the Grounds 1950s 117125431 Mt Olive Christian Church Hyde County Early 1900s 115438410 New Lake Hyde County around 1920 115438732 Louise Waters house, parsonage, and snoe on old Manning farm land taken Dec 2010 snow storm from Manning (Sawyer) front porch by Beth Sawyer 117179978 Fletcher Ausint Manning in Hawaii prior to attack on Pearl Harbor 137890409