Ainsley Ainsley Hubert Linwood Raburn Jr 1st day of school 1935 117141015 Hubert Linwood Raburn Sr and Margaret Stella Ainsley Raburn 1928 117141016 HL Raburn and Margaret Ainsley Raburn with HL Jr 117141017 HL Raburn and Margaret Ainsley Raburn with HL Jr 1929 117141018 Judi Raburn in McCoy Ainsleys front yard with cat Spot. 1940s. Ponzer post office and Manning house in background. 117141019 McCoy Ainsley and Ida Cahoon Ainsley late 1930s 117141020 Raburn family 1941 in front of 1940 Chevrolet. HL, HL Jr, Margaret, Judi 117141021 James McCoy Ainsley 1949 117142147 McCoy Ainsley Annual Birthday Party 1954 Letie Bell Ainsley and Romulus Sanderson on steps. McCoy Ainsley 2nd fromleft on back row next to house. Hoyt Ainsley (son) next to McCoy Ainsley. 117142148 Romulus Sanderson and Lettie Bell Ainsley Sanderson late 1940s 117142524 Lettie Bell, Dennis McCoy, Margaret, Statha, and James McCoy Ainsley 1959 117145776