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My family has it's roots in East Carolina, Hyde County to be exact. This is a small rural area of the country largly bypassed by everyday life, but that's fine with those of us who call it home. My Grandma Katy (Kathryn Dunn Manning) was one of 18 children born up at Shallop Creek and then settled in the Ponzer area. Her mother Margaret Minerva Winfield was born up at New Lake, and her (Margaret Winfield) mother was Margaret Dunbar.

The Mannings moved from Virginia down to South Carolina. Solomon Manning moved back up to Beaufort NC around 1830 and then on to the Pungo (named after the Machapungo Indians) area of Hyde County. The Mannings farmed and cut timber for around 150 years in Hyde County. Most of the Mannings in my line moved away from Hyde County as a result of WW II; however, I still own my Great Grandma Jenny's home on NC 45 North across from Grandma Katy and Grandaddy Fletchers home ane next to Mr Ed Smithwicks home.

This website chronicles those who came before us in the form of genealogy. My Aunt Carol Squires Manning is included in a line of people that include the Mattamuskeet Indians. Some brief data on the Indians and their roots in The Lost Colony are included. Look through the pages and you might find that we are related.

BY THE WAY - If you are looking for someone in particular and can't find them send me a note - maybe I can help! ALSO, if you have an interesting story about a relative on this site I would gladly include it and cite you as the author!

I have also added my moms line from WV and Va. My Grandma Esther Brazeal Johnson was one of 10 children from Virginia/West "By God" Virginia. See the Brazeal/Johnson Line for data.

Data on Judge Ellen Morphonios (Lydia Ellen James) is here, as is data on my mother in laws line from Florida and the Grand Cayman Islands!

It is interesting the people that turn up in our line. Included are many doctors, lawyers, statesmen, celebreties, and more. Some include Harold Harefoot I - King of England, Geoffrey Chaucer, Davey Crockett, Ben Crenshaw,  Archie Manning, Judge Ellen Morphonios, Jerry Clower, and more. Funny they all seem to forget me when it comes time for buying BBQ lunch...I guess they are waiting on their stimulus check too...

If you are on FaceBook then join the Hyde County group to keep up with what's happening! 

The Hyde County NC Genealogy page includes alot of data and forums for anyone searching their genealogy. Cut and paste

Ms Dawn Taylor has started Hatteras Genealogy Society. Go to her web page and pay her a visit -

Below are some additional pages I personally recommend. They offer interesting stories and data on life in East Carolina. These are published by Ms. Ingrid Lemme of Swan Quater NC. She is an asset to East Carolina and a joy to know!

Ingrid Lemme
[email protected]
Cut and paste 

NOTE:  The data on this website could not have been possible without the generosity of Ms. Nancy Dunbar of Ann Arbor Michigan; sharing her lineage. Her information comes from the gracious and hard work of Nelson Wynne Allen (d 3 April 1996), and Sybble Smithwyck who resides in Savannah Georgia. Also, Ms. Kay Midyett Sheppard has been an invaluable resource. Because of them future generations can have a knowledge of their ancestors who dared to  dream, live, work hard, and trust God. 

Send me any data or pictures you have on your family lines in East Carolina or anywhere else in the country! ALSO, if you have any questions or need some help please contact me!

Please sign the guestbook as I would enjoy hearing from you! Enjoy the genealogy data and other hommegrown stories and nonsense on this site; and thanks for stopping by - Steve Manning

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By Pat Conner Rice

Today I visited yesterday,
And walked among the graves
Of family and friends from long ago.
Whose memory had begun to fade.

The graves were unattended
As were my thoughts of them
When a vision of the ages past
Brought back my sense of kin.

The vision showed the church lawn
On a crisp summer day
The table spread, the food prepared
And friends who would break bread

All my relatives were there.
Both young and old
Grandma and I walked hand and hand
Sharing stories never told

We laughed and cried and
Shared our thoughts.
And I found the friend I thought I lost.
As the sun began to fade

The church bell rang out clear
Grandma and the others slowly disappeared
Today I visited yesterday
And now the memory is strong

Of the family from which I came

Hyde County NC will always remain my home. It is where our family began, it is where we came to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus. Sadly all of the Dunns and most of the Mannings are gone from Hyde County now. My father and I own my Grandma Jenny's house and get up there a few times a year to look in on the old home place. We have research on our family trees and this website offers what has been found to date. If anyone has any additional data I would sincerely appreciate you sending it my way...who knows we might be related. If so maybe we can sit down to some BBQ one afternoon and discuss the finer things in football, or BBQ, or football and BBQ, or...

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